What is Ayurveda?

Daily self-care is the most important element of healthcare

Ayurveda is founded on the belief that true health is everyone’s birthright and that each of us is a self-healing entity who can use nature’s abundance to restore and renew ourselves. Ayurveda addresses body, mind, and spirit. It restores hope and wholeness in a gentle and constructive way. Rather than struggling against dis-“ease,” Ayurveda opens us to our own wholeness.

Danielle guides clients to discover and experience the basic elements of Ayurvedic self-care. These simple, yet effective, practices transform lives in all ways. An Ayurvedic Daily Routine helps us remove and release the stress in our bodies and minds, so we can live a long, healthy, creative and joy-filled life.



Although each consultation is unique and lasts 60-75 minutes, a typical consultation may include guidance in:

  • Reviewing your health history and discussion of your concerns/goals

  • Identifying your constitution and current imbalances

  • Learning nutritional practices that help maintain appropriate weight and optimize digestion

  • A personal well-being plan. A daily balancing routine that helps eliminate toxins and provides rejuvenating effects (Dinacharya). The Ayurvedic Dinacharya is easy, effective, and enjoyable and will help you achieve your health and personal goals

  • Techniques to reduce emotional turbulence and re-awaken the senses via specific yoga poses, meditation, breath work, and mindfulness

  • Personalized yoga routines are available

  • Consultations and follow ups may be done at client’s home for an additional charge


  • Discover, understand, and learn how to take care of your unique body-mind make-up

  • Helps lower stress and anxiety

  • Helps weight loss and maintenance

  • Cleanses the body

  • Improves athletic performance, digestion, hormonal balance, and sleep

  • Enjoy a deep sense of being balanced, at ease, and joyful in all areas of your life

  • Sparks creative inspiration


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The Ayurveda consult with Danielle was so much more than I imagined. I can't say I had any preconceived notions about what to expect, but was hoping I would gain insight into healing and balance thru this process. I am so thankful for the opportunity and highly recommend that even if you have a question or two about it, reach out to Danielle.

For me, the consult was not just an adjustment of some critical elements in my every day life to bring balance, but introduced me to the tools to explore and gently make those adjustments. The experience introduced me to the healing power of Ayurveda. Implementing the elements from my consult have lead me to greater insight into my mind and body, enabling me to be more aware in a non-judgmental/non-harming way when I am out of balance, and  most importantly, how to bring my mind and body back into balance for optimal healing. It has also strengthened a long-felt connection to deepen my connection with meditation, as well, which really surprised me. For me personally, the consult and tools have helped ease some chronic health issues I have experienced for a long time after exploring numerous options. I look forward to my journey with Ayurveda and what it can bring to my life.

Hope Buckley