Let's begin by defining the word mastery for this purpose.

"Mastery is the ability to choose the tone of your own energy in any moment. It is the ability to occupy an uncomfortable situation with a sense of where you are inside and a deep level of command as to how you behave externally." Overheard in a yoga class with Elena Brower

Read it once more. Let that sink in a minute. How often is it that we are flying through each day eager to check the next thing off the list without stopping to acknowledge where we are inside and how we are behaving externally? Do you find yourself feeling tense, stressed, anxious, or unable to calmly approach the moments in your day? I'm sure at some point all of us do but, the problem is when this st...

As I sat on the back porch after a long, hot day here in Alabama, I was suddenly hit with the smell of freshly cut grass and country air...mixed with a little horse manure ;) It took less than the blink of an eye to awaken a feeling of deep contentment. I wonder, a lot actually, why we humans have to complicate everything. Who decided it wasn't good enough to be exactly who we are? I understand the desire to evolve, learn, grow, and challenge ourselves, but where in the midst of the exploration, play, and wonder did we decide that we needed to own, control, and judge? Do you ever ask yourself these questions? Do you ever wonder at what point in your life did you decide that life wasn't abundant and friendly? I know for some of u...

Do you find yourself caught in an endless cycle of tired and wired? Ayurveda provides a special language for understanding the primal forces of Nature and shows us how to work with them. These primal forces are called gunas in Sanskrit and mean "what binds" because when wrongly understood they keep us in bondage to the external world. 

I will briefly touch on these three forces and also give a few tips on how we can increase our capacity to self-soothe and self-regulate as we move from lower energies into a more elevated existence. In no particular order, the three gunas are; Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva. Everything in the Universe consists of some combination of the three gunas. 

Tamas: inertia, darkness, dullness, a h...

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