As I sat on the back porch after a long, hot day here in Alabama, I was suddenly hit with the smell of freshly cut grass and country air...mixed with a little horse manure ;) It took less than the blink of an eye to awaken a feeling of deep contentment. I wonder, a lot actually, why we humans have to complicate everything. Who decided it wasn't good enough to be exactly who we are? I understand the desire to evolve, learn, grow, and challenge ourselves, but where in the midst of the exploration, play, and wonder did we decide that we needed to own, control, and judge? Do you ever ask yourself these questions? Do you ever wonder at what point in your life did you decide that life wasn't abundant and friendly? I know for some of u...

Wednesday, June 21st is International Yoga Day! In an effort to unite and celebrate with our entire Shoals commUNITY we are offering complimentary classes ALL day at Shoals Yoga! Yoga has changed our lives and is an incredibly sacred gift that we are honored to share with all. Bring a friend and join us on the mat! (All classes are beginner friendly)

Schedule for Wednesday, June 21st:
6:30 am All Levels
9 am All Levels
5:45 pm All Levels
7:15 pm Yin

Join us for a free yoga class offered by Danielle Snoddy for teens between the ages of 11-17 at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library on Tuesday, June 20th at 2pm. All teens welcome.

21,600 is the average number of breaths we take each day. Every inhalation and exhalation is an opportunity to realize the deeper meaning of our lives inside the sound of the breath. The following meditation can be practiced anywhere, anytime, by anyone (maybe just leave out the "close your eyes" part if you're driving.) As you inhale, you can hear the spontaneous sound ham (pronounced hum), which means "I am" in Sanskrit. As you exhale, you can hear the sound sa (pronounced suh), which means "that" in Sanskrit.  

By practicing this simple meditation, we can tune into and re-connect to "that" within us which is called by many as Self, Consciousness, God, Universe, or Love. The mantra hamsa circulates through us with eve...

Would you like to get away for a few days this Fall with a small group of people looking to truly revitalize body, mind, and spirit? Us, too! Danielle Snoddy will be leading an all inclusive retreat in a beautiful home on the gulf coast on beautiful 30a. We will practice yoga on the huge roof top deck surrounded by lush state forests and coastal dune lakes and share Ayurvedically balanced and cleansing meals. There will be plenty of time to swim in the private heated pool and lounge on the beach just a block away. There will also be optional meditations, an Ayurveda session to assess any imbalances you may be experiencing and how to bring you back into a state of ease and self-care techniques.

When: October 2-7, 2017

Retreat cost:...

Do you find yourself caught in an endless cycle of tired and wired? Ayurveda provides a special language for understanding the primal forces of Nature and shows us how to work with them. These primal forces are called gunas in Sanskrit and mean "what binds" because when wrongly understood they keep us in bondage to the external world. 

I will briefly touch on these three forces and also give a few tips on how we can increase our capacity to self-soothe and self-regulate as we move from lower energies into a more elevated existence. In no particular order, the three gunas are; Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva. Everything in the Universe consists of some combination of the three gunas. 

Tamas: inertia, darkness, dullness, a h...

Please join us as we honor and celebrate this year's 200 hour teacher training group! These brave souls have dug deep, worked hard, surrendered even harder, and served our community at large in numerous ways. Graduation will begin with a ceremony at 5 with a vegetarian potluck to follow. Bring a dish if you'd like. Everyone welcome. Sunday, June 25th at Shoals Yoga.

Our yoga for kids summer camp provides children with a fun, creative, educational and enriching experience through yoga movement classes, mindfulness activities, relaxation, games, and crafts.We offer a non-competitive and supportive environment where kids can learn to work cooperatively as well as learn to care for and nurture themselves. Each session is sure to create lasting memories, new friendships, and a foundation for health and well-being.

When: First session: June 8, 15, 22, and 29 (Thursdays)

Second session: July 6, 13, 20 and 27 (Thursdays)

Age groups and class times: 5-7 year olds 10:30- 11:30 am

8-10 year olds 11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Price: One child: $90/ month or $150/both months

Two children $150/month or $250/both months


When Summer heats up and you want to cool down, yet still keep your body in shape and mind calm, this is the perfect series. Danielle Snoddy will be leading challenging, transformative classes while offering hands-on adjustments and workshop style break downs of harder to access postures. Everyone welcome. Class packages accepted, $15 drop ins ($8 for undergrad students) or $72 for the six weeks series. 

  • June 5th: "Meet Each Moment" An engaging practice to help us meet each moment as it occurs. Standing postures, backbends, and forward bends to grow our capacity to meet each moment more mindfully and reverently.

  • June 12th: "Graciously Receive" A time to get clear, to listen, and to receive. A practice aimed at dissolving...

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