Summer Yoga Series with Danielle

When Summer heats up and you want to cool down, yet still keep your body in shape and mind calm, this is the perfect series. Danielle Snoddy will be leading challenging, transformative classes while offering hands-on adjustments and workshop style break downs of harder to access postures. Everyone welcome. Class packages accepted, $15 drop ins ($8 for undergrad students) or $72 for the six weeks series.

  • June 5th: "Meet Each Moment" An engaging practice to help us meet each moment as it occurs. Standing postures, backbends, and forward bends to grow our capacity to meet each moment more mindfully and reverently.

  • June 12th: "Graciously Receive" A time to get clear, to listen, and to receive. A practice aimed at dissolving your assumptions and preferences to help you get closer to yourSelf and what you would like to draw near.

  • June 19th: "Smooth Operator" This practice will help smooth the rough edges and ease the hard moments. Bring breath into all the dark spaces and find levity and ease.

  • June 28th: "Source Your Inner Strength" Dive deep, reach within, learn to locate your strength and rise above no matter what your day, week, month, or life brings.

  • July 3rd: "Let Go and Move On" Whether it's a thought pattern or a situation that you're ready to release, this practice will help you find freedom and the courage to move forward mindfully.

  • July 10th: "Soften in the Face of Adversity" Learn to soften as you challenge your body, move past limiting beliefs, and see everything with more love and acceptance.