Restore During the Holidays

Ready, Set…RELAX!

Unwind, De-stress, and Reset yourself for a lovely, radiant holiday season!

In a season illuminating joy, peace, giving and gratitude, we are often left with a sense of emptiness or heaviness from being overly anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. In return, we settle for a compromised immune system---mentally, physically and emotionally drained from a chronically stressed state.

Are you interested in realigning yourself---your thoughts, your breath, your body to gracefully ease your way into and through an uplifting holiday season?

Please join Danielle Snoddy and Ashley Haselton on Sunday, December 3rd and 10th at 5 pm. You will be guided through a restorative practice, effortlessly gliding your way into a complete sense of renewal and deep relaxation. You will become centered through effective, deep breathing techniques to balance the central nervous system and engage your “rest & digest” system. You will then surrender into completely supported poses using props such as bolsters, blocks, blankets, and straps. Finally, you will drift into a deep, guided relaxation with the practice of Yoga Nidra. Danielle & Ashley will use soothing essential oils and hands-on adjustments to help you sink deeper into this state of relaxation. Leaving you in a state of pure bliss, you will float your way right out of the studio ready to embrace the holidays with cheer, an open heart, and relaxed state of mind.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga: • Enhances flexibility • Deeply relaxes the body and mind • Improves capacity for healing and balancing • Balances the nervous system • Boosts the immune system • Enhances mood states • Releases deeply held tension

$20/drop in; $35/two classes Dec 3rd & 10th 5-6:30pm Suitable for all levels. Space is limited - sign up here under workshops tab