Pop-Up Yoga Classes with Guest Teacher, Ella Dabney

We are excited to welcome Ella back to the Shoals all the way from Abu Dhabi! She will be leading four classes in July and everyone is welcome to join. ALL LEVELS are welcome, day one of your practice or year ten. Ella guides her sessions in a way that is suitable for everyBODY. If you’re feeling nervous or shy, know that this feeling will evolve the moment your toes touch the mat. You are capable and you are welcome. Strala Yoga encourages pure softness and ease, as you flow through each and every Asana, resulting in a practice of movement meditation. Hatha is a Traditional Yoga practice igniting presence with and grounding of oneself. In this practice, you will consciously strengthen the body, release any tension, and renew all that you are. Uniting with the breath through presence, the body through movement, and the mind through stillness.

Thursday, July 26th:

9am ‘Strala’ Inspired Hatha (75 min)

5:45pm Yin Yoga (60 min)

Friday, July 27th:

9am ‘Strala’ Inspired Hatha (75 min)

5:45pm SPECIAL Full Moon Yin&Yang + Yoga Nidra (75 min)

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