An Uplifting Weekend with Master Teacher, Prem Sadasivananda

Please join us as we welcome Prem Sadasivananda back to the Shoals. Prem Sadasivananda's vision is to uplift humanity by sharing the spiritual knowledge of Yoga Psychology and philosophy, the sublime truths of Vedanta, and Sanskrit with all those who aspire to live a higher and more fulfilling life. Just as all rivers join the ocean, all knowledge merges into Self-knowledge. The programs and services that Prem Sadasivananda offers are designed to awaken your inherent desire to achieve Self-Knowledge and Bliss! Everyone is welcome to join this weekend's talks and all sessions are offered as donations based. Saturday, June 29th 11:30am-1pm EMPOWER YOUR LIFE Take the reins of your life in your hands! Prem Sadasivananda’s has written a new inspirational and a practical book that will infuse a new life into your spiritual practice! Always inspired by the wonderful teachings of Swami Sivananda, Prem Sadasivananda will share in the satsang some of the most inspirational messages from his book. There will be a book signing too! An excerpt from the book from the chapter on ideals: "What we think, we become. Our growth depends largely on having an ideal and our ability to give form to it or manifest it in daily life. To work for an ideal is to put in the effort of our whole being. To live with an ideal in our heart is to be forever young. The greatest impelling force in life is to have an ideal. It is our ideals that shape our thoughts, words and actions. By choosing an ideal we set the bar high, a standard of certain realization and achievement. The greater our ideal, the greater the transformational power it exerts upon us." Prem Sadasivananda Saturday, June 29th 4-6pm GIFT OF FORGIVENESS & STORIES THAT HEAL THE HEART Forgiveness is an essential part of any healing process in all relationships. Mistakes are an inevitable and necessary part of human life. “When you forgive you don’t change the past; you change the future.” Through spiritual stories we can effortlessly imbibe the philosophical ideas and teachings. Such stories have power to open our hearts and heal our minds. Sunday, June 30th


NECESSITY FOR DETACHMENT & THE NATURE OF HAPPINESS Attachment is the origin, the root of all suffering. Non-attachment leads to mental and emotional freedom. The practice of equanimity and discrimination in life amidst our duties and involvements with the world. Our life is filled with desires and attachments that stand in the way of our true freedom. Master teacher Prem Sadasivananda will shed light on their philosophical and psychological aspects and will give practical guidance to transform them for inner peace.